Maddox revealed DUI, Minor offenses

by Josh Resnek

Wynn Resorts President Matt Maddox has been arrested in the past for alcohol possession, marijuana possession and Driving While Intoxicated (DUI) according to a review of testimony Maddox gave to the Investigations Bureau of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission in 2013.

An examination of the information reveals the arrests prior to the 2011 DUI came earlier in his life when he was under 20.

The DUI occurred in on October 25, 2011.

On their way home from a night out, Maddox and his wife, Katherine, came upon an accident on the road. Police were questioning drivers in the traffic backup.

Police ordered Maddox out of his car.

After conducting a field sobriety test, he was placed under arrest and taken to the police station where a breathalyzer test showed a .16 reading indicating he was intoxicated.

Maddox told investigators he had attended a concert with his wife at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as a birthday present for her.

He said they had dinner and attended a concert.

As of August, 2013, the case had not yet been adjudicated.

It is believed the case was settled entirely by 2014.

Maddox testimony indicated until the time of his investigation by the MGC he had never been before a grand jury, had never been served with any legal papers, warrants or summons. He indicated he had never been connected with organized crime or individual criminals.

Until his arrival running the Boston project he had never been scrutinized by law enforcement officials.

He indicated one instance where he did have an association with a criminal.

He said that person was a former Wynn Director Kazuo Makada.

Maddox paid a $500,000 fine to the MGC on May 27.

He also agreed to answer to an independent monitor and additional training and management stipulations as required by the MGC in their finding.

At the end of April, Maddox was not arrested but his wife was during a domestic violence incident at a Las Vegas restaurant.

Maddox allegedly refused to be interviewed by police about the incident.

Maddox told investigators he does not have a problem with alcohol and that he doesn’t use illegal drugs.

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