Who Is On Stage for Casino Ribbon Cutting?

It is bad enough that our own mayor has against him a long history of alleged sexual harassment incidents.

It is worse that Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox was recently beaten by his wife.

Worse yet is that the company’s founder Steven Wynn’s extraordinary allegations of sexual harassment and wrongdoing, which, in more ways than we like to think, are all connected to the others.

Our mayor brought Steve Wynn here. They are the type of men who think and who act alike.

Steve Wynn won’t be at the opening.

He has been disgraced.

Our own mayor has been disgraced but he has somehow gotten away with it.

So who cuts the ribbon at the Encore casino hotel opening on June 23?

Who will want to stand by our beaming mayor with his now well known association with the FBI and with alleged sexual harassment? What man or woman or women will want to stand on that stage when the ribbon is cut?

Will the governor stand next to our mayor and Maddox?

Will the Attorney General Maura Healy?

Ribbon cuttings are ornamental and traditional at the same time. We remain just a bit in wonder about who exactly will be on that stage to cut the ribbon.

If we were the bosses at Wynn Resorts, we’d skip the ribbon cutting. Just open the doors and let the games begin.

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