Businessman Greg Antonelli Pondering at-large run

by Josh Resnek

Everett businessman Greg Antonelli is believed to be close to taking out nomination papers for an at-large council run.

“I am seriously considering running for an at- large seat,” he told the Leader Herald Tuesday.

“Many, many people in Everett have reached out to me, urging me to run since the speculation started that I may run,” he said.

“All types of people have reached out to me, residents and business owners throughout the City. These are people who know me, who understand what I bring to the table, know of what I am capable of, and feel that a new voice is needed on the council,” he added.

“The council needs someone with ambition and intelligence who will work from a position of strength and knowledge to head the city in the right direction. I could be that candidate,” Antonelli said.

“It is time for me to give back to the community where I grew up, gone thru the Everett Schools, and where I have spent my adult life,” he added.

Antonelli is the owner of GTA, the local construction company juggernaut.

GTA, like its owner, has shown itself to be a very capable company.

It’s book of business, old and new, is extensive and is continually growing. GTA owns large amounts of construction equipment and vehicles. Antonelli has many real estate projects and developments throughout Everett and neighboring communities

GTA’s work is well known and highly visible in Everett where the company has redone several road and utility jobs in the last 15 years.

Antonelli, who is nearing 40, is one of the youngest, most successful, business owners operating in the city. Those who know him all agree, “He’s a very bright guy.”

He has many relationships in the business community and remains loyal to longtime friends, which include the Mayor.

“My vision of the city intersects with everything going on right now. There is an opportunity now to make Everett one of the best places to live in the Commonwealth.

There are new parks & playgrounds and streets & sidewalk throughout the City and we will now have the ability the lower the taxes with all the new revenue that will be generated from the Encore Casino.”

“I have the ambition and the knowledge to take this city to the next level and this is exactly what I will fight to do if I run for public office,” he added.

Antonelli and everyone else wanting to run will have until July 19 to turn in their signatures.

While a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step, Antonelli’s political journey will begin when he takes out his papers and gathers his signatures.

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