Casino to be great success? It will be a giant success

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The casino opening now only ten days away is certain to be a giant success.

The huge investment made in excellence is bound to pay off, even in Boston where folks can be finicky about casino gambling.

Let’s start with the 671 room five star hotel.

This is a stand alone among the many hotel giants operating in Boston.

Those seeking the opulence of space and expensive décor, of fine sheets and towels and spectacular views from spacious and elegantly appointed rooms – well – there is only one place in Boston to do this and its in Everett at the Encore Casino and Hotel.

Expect the hotel to be booked solid for years to come.

For those seeking better service, food, and surroundings, the Encore Hotel is the only five star space available in all of Greater Boston.

The hotel is a guaranteed overnight success story for those who live large and who want the best.

The success of the hotel alone is a guarantee of about $6 million to

$10 million or more a year for the city of Everett from room taxes. The casino and restaurants and shops should also be very successful. Just how successful is impossible to predict, except to say, the place will generate truckloads of money.

Casino gaming receipts give .25 cents of every dollar to the state in tax revenues.

This is another giant bonus, inestimable until all the revenues from gaming have been counted.

We will know how successful the place will be by measuring the first three months of operation and plotting the exact revenue figures on a graph.

Let’s see what happens.

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