Good luck! Good luck! Good luck!

The great business effort taking place in Everett opens its doors to the public Sunday morning – and what a great day this will be.

The only question about the Encore casino and hotel is not whether it will be successful.

The main question is exactly how successful it will be?

This we know, several billions of dollars have been invested in this project which has all finally come to fruition.

Everyone at Wynn Resorts should be proud of the final product for it is five stars in every measure.

The Wynn Construction and finish team have created a one of a kind entertainment venue.

If all things are equal, the Encore hotel and casino will become destinations for millions of visitors to Boston.

On Sunday at ten at the entrance to the project, the games begin. And what a fateful day that will be for everyone involved.

On behalf of everyone here at the Leader Herald, we wish everyone at Wynn Resorts and the Encore community the best of luck on this incredible and exciting, earthshaking venture.

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