Superintendent search taking shape and form; process unfolding

by Josh Resnek

If everything goes according to schedule, a new superintendent of schools will likely have been named, contractually secured and sworn in by the end of November or the beginning of December.

This, according to School Committeeman Frank Parker.

Parker is one of 15 members of the Superintendent’s Search Committee (SSC).

The SSC is about to get underway with a series of three public meetings seeking resident participation in the process for choosing the new superintendent.

The outreach with public forums, followed by Internet marketing and social media reach will be finished off with focus group meetings in order to establish a profile of the superintendent being sought.

“An advertisement will be placed in early September,” Parker said. “In late September we will start screening applicants.”

He said the finalists would be subjected to close scrutiny by the SSC.

“By Thanksgiving, we will have chosen a superintendent and negotiated a contract,” Parker said.

The new superintendent will be offered a three year contract.

Superintendents are notorious for leaving after three years.

This explains the three year contract.

In Marblehead and Swampscott those communities have had more than a half dozen superintendents in the past six years.

For many older superintendents with decades of experience, it represents their last three and highest earningyearsandthentheyheadintoretirementwith the biggest pension possible.

“That’s just the way it is,” said Parker.

Parker said Chelsea just got a new superintendent by way of Santa Fe, New Mexico with the same happening in Lowell, where a candidate from Santa Fe beat out everyone else.

Who would want to leave Santa Fe for Chelsea or Lowell?

Parker said Everett is apparently looking to possible candidates a bit like a “destination” school system in a unique urban setting close to Boston.

He said there are presently no candidates.

He said Glenn Koocher, the head of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, is handling the search for Everett.

The MASC is being paid $20,000 for its services.

The Superintendent’s Search Committee

Steven Mazzie, Everett Police Chief

Richard Liston, retired teacher, ex ETA President, running for school committee

Erma Fiestas, Everett High School PTO and School Council

Dorothy Martin Long, former school committee member, Devens School Board member

Amanda Gil, Everett High School Director of Art

Theluxeon Pierre, Everett Public Schools Assistant Athletic Director and football coach

Devon Abruzzese, Webster School teacher

Fred Capone, attorney and city councilor

Kimberly Auger, Parlin teacher and PTA President

Fernanda Rocha, SPED Council President, SPED parent

Oswaldo Costanza, EHS teacher and soccer coach

David Ela, School Committeeman

Marcony Barros, School Committeeman

Frank Parker, School Committeeman

Thomas Abruzzese, attorney and Chair of the School Committee

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