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The end of an Era

The opening of the casino and hotel marks the end of an era in this city.

The casino and hotel will come to completely dominate the economic future of the city in more ways than we care to detail.

In reality, the casino and hotel and its overseers become more powerful to us than the folks that sit on the city council or the man in the corner office.

Everett has abdicated to the casino and hotel and to the whims of the Wynn Resorts group.

Wynn Resorts powers an all encompassing money making machine and entertainment destination that holds in its hands the economic well being of this city.

Do not have any doubts about this.

The present mayor becomes a vassal to the whims of the bosses at Wynn Resorts.

Perhaps someone stronger, with a better work ethic, with a stronger understanding of business would be able to squeeze more out of the casino and hotel.

The key to the city’s future is that squeezing that will have to be done to keep this place awash in extra money.

Wynn Resorts now runs the city of Everett in more ways than we choose to detail here.

Wynn Resorts is the big cahoona in Everett – not the mayor, not the city council, not anyone.

We are now owned by a colossus.

It has its advantages. It has its disadvantages.

The opening of the casino changes the entire ballgame here.

And you can take that and bet all you want on it and you won’t lose.

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