Championship Boxing Shipping up to Encore

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By Lorenzo Recupero

Encore Boston Harbor and Murphys Boxing is setting the stage for the first live-action entertainment of the summer at the newly opened 2.6 billion dollar resort.

Murphys Boxing, a promotion team founded in 2014 by the band Dropkick Murphys’ frontman Ken Casey, is collaborating with Encore for a championship title fight to take place at the entertainment venue within the resort.

On July 12, Stoneham’s Greg “The Villain”Vendetti will take on Michael Anderson of New Jersey for the IBA Junior Middleweight World Championship.

The 2,000 plus capacity venue at Encore will also play host to several other fights featuring the “who’s who” of Massachusetts boxers leading up to the main event.

Murphys Boxing’s Director of Communications, Chris Jay, expressed optimism for the future of the partnership with Encore and what it that means for boxing enthusiast in the area — and beyond — looking to have a unique and intimate boxing experience at a first-class venue.

“The goal is to do multiple fights and make Encore our new home in Boston,” said Jay. “We are working with major tv networks to broadcast the event and get more exposure,” he said. “The venue [at Encore] is an incredible place for boxing.”

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Greg Vendetti trains for an upcoming fight last August.

And for those who can’t make it to Encore on July 12th for the championship bout, the show will be broadcast worldwide on the streaming UFC Fight Pass network.

“This absolutely is not a one time only event,” said Jay, who noted the promotion team is the exclusive provider of boxing for Encore’s venue, though the resort may do other live sporting events not associated with Murphys Boxing.

“We want a lot of people, those that maybe don’t do boxing, to make it the place they go for that entertainment,” said Jay.

“We’re happy to have a new home for Murphys Boxing in the Boston area with Encore Boston Harbor,” said Ken Casey, Murphys Boxing’s founder.

Encore Boston Harbor President Robert DeSalvio was just as excited for the budding partnership and the planned events that will take place in Everett.

“We’re happy to bring the excitement of sports entertainment toEncore Boston Harbor, and introduce our LasVegas-style events to the roots of Boston,” said DeSalvio. “Murphys Boxing brings some of the most talented fighters to our local stage presented with classic Boston grit. Can’t-miss nights like these will be a signature component to the resort and casino,” said Desalvio.

The desire to make boxing a staple of the resort’s experience and appeal isn’t just being pushed by the management, either, Vendetti is hoping to entertain the crowd from Inside the ring until they’re calling for an encore.

“Having a venue available as prestigious as Encore will entice other top promoters and tv networks to have and showcase much bigger fights here,” said Vendetti. “Assuming Encore is going to be here for a long time, it’d be nice to be able to say to my grandkids one day, I was the first main event right when it opened,” he said.

Tickets for the July 12 title fight start at $50.00 and are on sale now at and

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