The Opening Rules

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The opening of the Encore Boston Harbor signals the start of a neweconomic engine quite like any other in the city’s history.

The revving up and refinement of this new engine is certain to follow.

The expected performance of the engine is such that there are almost no boundaries to the power it can and will likely generate.

The casino and hotel are certain to be a great success.

The only question is, how great a success will it be?

Great strides will be made during the first few months as the Encore folks figure out what exactly works and what exactly does not work. These Encore folks are dogged, very smart and aggressive businesspeople who know what they are doing.

What they have created here, and not enough can be said about it, is a big cut above everything that presently exists in the Greater Boston and New England nexus.

The opening day crowd was huge.

Hotel reservations early on have been huge.

Everything about this business is, frankly, huge.

What makes it all the more meaningful for those of us who take a great deal of interest in the local business economy, is the dedication to quality.

This simple fact alone goes way beyond all the politics that swirled around the origin of the deal that led to Wynn buying the land and investing in the city.

Again and again in the weeks and months to come, we will report on the five star imperative that powers everything that Encore will do with the property and with creating the entertainment destination type experience for which Wynn Resorts is renowned for doing around the world.

The place glitters like gold.

It will attract higher end travelers and gamblers, restaurant dinersand conventioneers.

The list released already by Encore reveals all kinds of entertainment venues including an upcoming boxing match.

What will be most exciting is when the company releases its first 30 day performance figures.

It won’t just be exciting. They will be telling.

However, these folks are in the game for the duration.

One months figures are not so important as six months figures are so important as one year’s figures.

There is a great deal of pride to be experienced at having such a powerful, classy, cash rich organization calling the shots in out city. The future certainly looks bright with the doors finally open to the Encore Boston Harbor.

We hope the company relaxes all its dreams.

If its dreams come true, our dreams also come true.

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