Traffic nightmare

The feared and anticipated traffic nightmare did not appear as so many expected.

As Police Chief Steve Mazzie predicted accurately some weeks back, there was great confidence in the traffic mitigation efforts thathave been taken.

Opening day crowded the roads but life did not come to a stop.

Everett survived the first great onslaught of new visitors to our citywithout much of a major hitch.

There was plenty of traffic, but it not approximate the coming endof the world.

This we know – Encore and the city have set up a system of attention and mitigation to traffic issues that should keep traffic moving.

The dynamism of the all around traffic flow effort based on publictransportation, and water transportation is to be praised and marveled at.

The great day has come and gone.Business is booming.

Thousands are arriving here.

The world hasn’t come to an end.What could be better than this?

How traffic shakes out during the weeks to come is anyone’s guess.

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