Where is the summer?

June has almost come and gone and the summer remains virtually non-existent.

When you lose a full month of the exceedingly precious and short New England summer, there is only July and August to look forward to.

And if you really know your New England summer and the head that comes with it, then you understand when the Fourth of July hits, its all downhill after that.

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Traffic nightmare

The feared and anticipated traffic nightmare did not appear as so many expected.

As Police Chief Steve Mazzie predicted accurately some weeks back, there was great confidence in the traffic mitigation efforts thathave been taken.

Opening day crowded the roads but life did not come to a stop.

Everett survived the first great onslaught of new visitors to our citywithout much of a major hitch.

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The Opening Rules

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 5.59.47 PM.png

The opening of the Encore Boston Harbor signals the start of a neweconomic engine quite like any other in the city’s history.

The revving up and refinement of this new engine is certain to follow.

The expected performance of the engine is such that there are almost no boundaries to the power it can and will likely generate.

The casino and hotel are certain to be a great success.

The only question is, how great a success will it be?

Great strides will be made during the first few months as the Encore folks figure out what exactly works and what exactly does not work. These Encore folks are dogged, very smart and aggressive businesspeople who know what they are doing.

What they have created here, and not enough can be said about it, is a big cut above everything that presently exists in the Greater Boston and New England nexus.

The opening day crowd was huge.

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Letter of Appreciation

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On behalf of Cindy DiLoreto and myself, we extend our thanks to the Emergency Room Staff, the 1st floor staff, the ICU and the 3rd floor staff of the Cambridge Health Alliance, formerly Whidden Hospital, for the care that was provided to our friend Mary Cataldo. Your patience, kindness, and understanding that you gave to Mary and us during her hospital stay in May will never be forgotten.

Your total commitment to caring for Mary and others gave us thesupport and encouragement knowing that she was in good hands. The City of Everett is blessed to have the Cambridge Health Alliance Hospital in our Community.

We would also like to thank Frederick Cafasso and Sons for theirsupport during this sad time. Their kindness and compassion arebeyond words.

Our thanks to Kelley at Everett Florist for taking the time to help us select the flowers for Mary’s service. Her arrangements were beautiful. We want to thank Father Gerry Osterman and Rick Randazzo for taking the time to serve at Mary’s Memorial Mass. Mary thought so highly of you.

Cindy DiLoreto Christine Falzarano

— Eye on Everett —

The Doors are open; the Future Unfolding

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

Sunday morning at the beginning of a new era for the city of Everett.

Under sunny skies on a brilliant summer day, the Wynn Resorts, Encore Boston Harbor Hotel got off to a rousing start.

Tens of thousands of visitors lined up early on a site only eight yearsago one the most polluted in Massachusetts.

The sweet smell of pine and the verdant colors exuding from the rich,lush mature plantings all around have replaced the pollutants dumpedinto the soil for almost 100 years by the Monsanto Company,

The remediation of the land alone cost about $78 million.

Officials led by Encore’s President Rob DeSalvio, opened the doorsto what might become the single most successful business operationlaunched in New England’s history.

Without a hint of doubt, this spectacular hotel and casino built by Suffolk Construction, stands right now as a monument to splendor and expensive construction down to the smallest detail.

No expense was spared to create a five star environment for a fivestar clientele.

I was told that the $6000 suites in the hotel had been rented 550 times for the next 60 days – an incredible fete locally by any stretch of theimagination.

Everyone was gushing with pride.

The mayor, had to hold back tears.

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