What will success bring?

Everett is several days away from a dramatic change.

The moment those doors open at the casino and hotel, the casino and hotel becomes the place of major undivided interest to nearly everyone living here.

It is giant and its effect will be felt in Everett.

Its opening is more like an explosion, a giant controlled explosion. The attraction to the casino and hotel will draw gamblers and cause addiction to gambling.

It may lead to suicides or to horrible crimes born of the disaster of losing all one’s money.

Some people in this city will lose their homes and ruin their lives at the casino.

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Casino to be great success? It will be a giant success

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 8.40.05 PM.png

The casino opening now only ten days away is certain to be a giant success.

The huge investment made in excellence is bound to pay off, even in Boston where folks can be finicky about casino gambling.

Let’s start with the 671 room five star hotel.

This is a stand alone among the many hotel giants operating in Boston.

Those seeking the opulence of space and expensive décor, of fine sheets and towels and spectacular views from spacious and elegantly appointed rooms – well – there is only one place in Boston to do this and its in Everett at the Encore Casino and Hotel.

Expect the hotel to be booked solid for years to come.

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The Line-Up

by Josh Resnek

Gathering signatures to get your name on the ballot is a job and it is also an art.

Some gather their signatures quickly, and record many more than they need. Others simply achieve the amount needed by gathering as a few as possible to attain that end.

Still others never gain the amount needed and their candidacies fail right out of the starting box.

As of Tuesday afternoon, records on hand at the Election Commission at city hall reveal 39 candidates who have taken out nomination papers.

Of that number, 24 have submitted signatures that have been certified.

However, only a handful of candidates have been certified to have their names on the ballot.

A look at those candidates can be revealing, although too much attention should never be paid to the gathering of signatures.

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Businessman Greg Antonelli Pondering at-large run

by Josh Resnek

Everett businessman Greg Antonelli is believed to be close to taking out nomination papers for an at-large council run.

“I am seriously considering running for an at- large seat,” he told the Leader Herald Tuesday.

“Many, many people in Everett have reached out to me, urging me to run since the speculation started that I may run,” he said.

“All types of people have reached out to me, residents and business owners throughout the City. These are people who know me, who understand what I bring to the table, know of what I am capable of, and feel that a new voice is needed on the council,” he added.

“The council needs someone with ambition and intelligence who will work from a position of strength and knowledge to head the city in the right direction. I could be that candidate,” Antonelli said.

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$208 million budget approved; Capital improvements, also

by Josh Resnek

Without fanfare or debate, the city council officially approved the 2020 city budget Monday night.

Also approved, is a $16.4 million General Fund Request, money which will be used to fund a variety of capital improvements throughout the city.

The $16.4 million will be borrowed at the same time other city debt is being retired.

The borrowing does not impact directly on the windfall of money about to hit the city treasury. The loans will be paid back like any other – from month to month with interest until they are gone. The first quarterly payment of about $6 million from Wynn Resorts will shortly be deposited neatly into the city treasury.

The borrowings for sidewalk repairs, design services, and for park construction and Everett Square improvements, among others, will set the city back $16.4 million any way one chooses to look at it.

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