Bike Sharing Gaining More Traction

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BlueBikes (above) are the newest bike-sharing option in the city. (Photo by Lorenzo Recupero)

By Lorenzo Recupero

During this time last summer it was LimeBikes that had turned the city green. Stacked on almost every corner and rolling down every street was a LimeBike. This time around, BlueBikes are the new wheels on the block.

BlueBikes, a public bike share program offered through a collaboration between Hubway and Blue Cross Blue Shield, is the trendy new way to get around town on two wheels. The Blue colored bikes are located in over 200 docking stations in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville and of course now here in Everett.

You may have noticed some of those newly- placed grey colored docking stations around the city, including multiple on Main Street, Ferry Street and Broadway. There is also a single location on Norman street.

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Anthony J Fabiano

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FABIANO, Anthony J. of Everett, entered into eternal rest Sunday, July 7, 2019, in the Melrose Wakefield Hospital. He was 94 years of age. Born in Boston, Anthony resided in Everett for most of his life. He was a retired plumber by profession.

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The Great Traffic Bust

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An Encore ferry makes its way through the Mystic river. (Photo by Jacob Resnek)

The opening of the Encore Casino and Hotel in our city has not led to the traffic Armageddon predicted by so many of our public officials, and even by the local media.

We were all mistaken, not so much by Encore’s inability to create a permanent traffic jam with its business running like a juggernaut but rather with its business running like a juggernaut without creating a traffic jam!

Let us be clear.

The place is booming, relatively in almost every way.

These folks know how to run a world class operation.

They weren’t about to be buried by traffic here endangering their enterprise.

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The Dead of Summer 2019

It is the dead of summer – that moment in the life and time of the Summer of 2019 when there is as much summer ahead of us as behind.

For those of us who love the New England summer, who deplore its brevity, who wait months for its coming only to watch it fly by like a race horse in an instant, the dead of summer moment is something to savor.

It is something to savor because the summer will be gone in a flash. At this very moment, we are dead in the thick of the heat and the warmth. We head out to the beach. We sit inside wanting to do nothing. We go on vacation. We try to concentrate at work.

Work seams meaningless when it is the dead of summer.

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