Buffet at a Glance

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Leader Herald Staff Report 

When you hear people talking about going to Vegas, everyone talks about the buffets. Whether its the glamorous buffet at the Bellagio or one of the off strip buffets where you can choose from blue or yellow casseroles, people love them.

Encore doesn’t miss out here either.

Upon paying the host at the buffet entrance, one is ushered into a beautiful Willy Wonka-like eating area with giant flower arrangements and fruits all around. Your drink order is taken, soda, water and coffee are included in the price ($40) but alcoholic drinks are not. From there you have free reign to grab a dish and head for the food.

Food allergies are taken seriously and a chef will come out and work with you if you let the hostess know.

The buffet host flavors and pallet tase for everyone, with chefs cooking right before your eyes, serving and keeping the trays full.

A pasta station lets you create your own Italian dish. A meat carving station features bloody and tasteful rib-eye steak, New York Sirloin, chicken, lamb and sauces and sides galore to go with them. Clam chowder, crab legs (pre-cut so you don’t have to go insane eating them) oysters, shrimp and fresh sushi are just some of the seafood options.

There are also the salad and healthy options, but face it, your not going to the buffet to be healthy. The buffet also helps you gain some calories with gelato, pastries and cake.

Everything and more you would ever want from a buffet. Even the coffee was served in your own private craft, brewed to order, and it was good. There was no lobster, but aside from that, they covered every base. 

Don’t miss it, but go hungry.

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