At-Large race turned upside Down with Adrien’s entrance

By Josh Resnek

The surprise entrance into the at-large council contest by Gerly Adrien has the potential for causing real drama in this key city race.

Adrien’s certification almost overnight last week has put her name on the ballot – and even though she has not yet won a citywide race, her proven appeal and draw to the citywide voting audience almost assures her of a spot when all is said and done.

“She will get a spot. Others near the bottom of the pack are extremely worried,” said one of the candidates who wished to remain unnamed.

“Her showing recently against the rep, where she pulled more than 1,600 votes citywide says it all,” he added.

In addition, political observers said that Adrien’s presence on the ballot will aid another hopeful, Ward 2 candidate Stephanie Martins.

Martins is attempting to remain absolutely neutral. She wants no running partners.
She wants to win entirely on her own.

Even though Martins isn’t running at-large, she will win or lose based on a citywide vote.

In one of the great oddities of the modern Everett City Charter all ward councilors run citywide, even though they must be based in the ward they reside in.

The likely ticket topper, that is the perennial top vote getter in the city, Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky, has enjoyed strong support from the Haitian community and in fact made it to the state house on the back of the Haitian vote some years back.

Adrien, obviously, enjoys the same widespread popularity in an energized Haitian community.Also enjoying widespread popularity after nearly a lifetime in politics here is Councilor at Large Mike Marchese.

Marchese is considered by many here the royalty of Everett officialdom – from an old and distinguished family who achieved great success in business, and who himself was a stellar athlete and student Exeter and the University of New Hampshire.

Former Mayor John Hanlon is believed assured a seat.

The battle to win is on the shoulders of Councilor at Large Peter Napolitano and Council President Richard Dell Issola.

Napolitano does not enjoy the good graces of the mayor which gives Dell Isolla, who does, a perceived edge in city wide balloting.

Stephen Simonelli is going to draw a decent citywide vote but many wonder if he can score a vote large enough to beat out an incumbent.

If there are 11 candidates there will be a primary which will cost the city $55,000.

Presently with only ten candidates, there will be no primary.

The deadline for signatures is July 19 at 5 p.m.

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