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Candidates for School Superintendent to Be Lined up by end of August

By Josh Resnek

A meeting of the fifteen member School Superintendent Search Committee attracted fourteen members Monday evening at the high school.

In what most members regarded as an informational, the meeting had the city’s paid search team answering questions and filling in gaps about process and probabilities.

Bottom line, by the end of August the search should be in full motion with any number of candidates having answered advertisements and responding to the city’s pro forma.

The search committee maintains it does not know who exactly is going to apply or where the applicants will be from.

It also asserts it has no favorites and that no one of a high quality will be denied a full and fair hearing once the finalists have been sorted out.

The process is marked mainly by the application process and the weeding out of the applicants who fill them out and send them in for judgment.

Fourteen Everett School Department employees are certified and could be candidates for superintendent under the present search guidelines.

One of those is longtime Assistant Superintendent Charlie Obremski.

Obremski apparently said last week that he might be interested in taking a shot at the position but needed to give the possibility a great deal of careful thought.

No other local school administrators who are certified have publicly expressed interest in the position.

There is believed to be a growing sense held among some members of the Search Committee, that a local candidate who lives here who thoroughly understands the workings of the school system might not be a bad idea given learning curves and time constraints.

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