Part of the Miracle

The casino and hotel up and running makes this arguably about the most successful business summer in the city’s history.

The casino’s jobs number alone are staggering with almost 5,000 employees now receiving paychecks!

It is as if an entire new city has been built inside the present city of Everett.

But what is even more startling is to scour the Encore help wanted listings on-line to find 130 additional jobs available!

The jobs run the gamut from highly skilled and trained to entry level.

Literally no one in the city of Everett should be complaining about searching for employment.

Beyond the questionable politics and the casino’s origins in Everett lies a gold mine of employment opportunities with preference given to Everett residents for jobs that are available.

In need of a job?

Get yourself to the employment center at city hall asap.

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