The big SC story: Who isn’t running

By Josh Resnek

Some elections are marked by bright new faces, younger people brimming with energy and ideas, and with political ambition.

This is only partly true with the slate running for this year’s School Committee.

This year’s election will be marked by the absence of a longtime member tossing his hat into the ring – and some elections are like this – noted because of who didn’t run more than who did.

The absence of Lester MacLaughlin’s name on the ballot this time around is the end of an era – and a righteous one at that.

A fixture on the School Committee for more than 20 years, MacLaughlin has decided not to run due to an illness in his family.

For those of us who are older, it is always a bit poignant when the MacLaughlin’s of this world choose not to run.

It is like watching our own retirement.

But then, nothing lasts forever.

Right now, it appears as though School Committee members at large Bernie D’Onofrio, Millie Cardello and Cynthia Sarnie likely have their seats locked up. Unless others who took out papers get their signatures certified – they are running alone and will be elected.

Looking down the list as it exists on Tuesday of this week, it seems likely the present slate of members will be the slate of members when all is said and done with the election.

This is known for sure – Marcony Almeida Barros cannot lose.

He has no opponent!

Unless things change drastically, the same can be said for David Ela and Francis Parker.

Alan Panareses has the edge over Edgar Ruiz – both nice men with good reputations.


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