Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Encore Dismissed by Gaming Commission

By Josh Resnek

A disgruntled gaming customer at the Encore Boston Harbor Casino who filed a lawsuit claiming he was being robbed of his winnings among a flurry of other allegations led to an immediate investigation by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission last week.

The president of Encore Boston Harbor fired back at the lawsuit against the casino before the Massachusetts Gaming Commission Thursday, which claims that customers are being short-changed. “Every single customer gets every dollar and every penny they have coming due to them,” Robert DeSalvio said.

“At no time did we ever round and not give customers back the money that they truly deserved.”

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission agreed.

Following a preliminary investigation, the MGC determined and reported on Thursday last week that Encore Boston Harbor is in compliance with all regulations.

Richard Schuster, a customer of the casino, filed a class-action lawsuit against Encore and Wynn, claiming the casino was cheating its players by only paying 6 to 5 on many blackjack tables while the games themselves were structured like those that paid 3 to 2.

Schuster also alleged that Encore was intentionally making it difficult for players to receive the final bits of change from slots winnings and then pocketing what they don’t claim.

In both cases, the MGC investigation proved that Encore was indeed in compliance with all regulations regarding payouts.

The MGC’s rapid, decisive action in the matter reveals the commission’s imperative to keep a close watch on everything having to do with regulations and Encore’s absolute commitment to following them.

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