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Who’s Winning What at Encore?

By Lorenzo Recupero

Since its opening last month, the majestic Encore Boston Harbor has enthralled the entire area.

It’s a spectacle as much as it is a venue for entertainment, albeit mostly in the form of gambling. And when you gamble, chances are win or lose – and in the casino business they are literally counting on your losses.

For some lucky visitors, though, a big payout is in hand at some point, whether it’s playing the slots or one of the tables, probability says someone is going to hit it big.

Chances are you’ve probably asked yourself, “Who are the big winners at Encore?”

Some of our readers have begged the question via our social media outlets so we hopped on looking for some answers.

When the Leader Herald went searching for some insight into those guests’ lucky numbers, and not by name but by winning total only, Encore – very graciously – denied us that moment to read the stats while belly-aching over how “that could’ve been me.”

That information on who is winning at Encore will not be disclosed by the casino giant. Here’s the official statement from the casino’s Director of Public Relations, Rosie Salisbury:

“As a company, Wynn Resorts doesn’t provide information about our guest.” The Leader Herald was told that this may change “given the regional interest in the casino,” according to Salisbury.

But as of now, we may never know just how big you might strike it at Encore.

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