A Tropical Weekend

The centerpiece sculpture (above) of The 16th Annual International Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach this past weekend. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Joseph Prezioso

Thousands of people attended and packed Revere Beach this weekend turning it into a Caribbean party. With giant sand sculptures abound, tropical drinks, Hawaiian shirts, music, sunshine and coconuts, Revere Beach resembled an island beach party. All that was missing was palm trees and 80 degree water.

The beach become a mix of traditional beach culture and tourism. While some beach goers just baked in the sun, others were awed by the sand sculptors. The sculptors themselves get better every year, with pieces that are better in both detail and size.

This year’s centerpiece creation honored the 50th anniversary of the United States moon landing and included a large Saturn V rocket as well as astronauts.

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The annual sandcastle event has become a gathering for all surrounding communities.

They showcase the region to the world and put the best aspects of our society into the light. Much of the news these days has focused on political battles, mass protest, shootings and other horrific events.

Events like this promotes human creation, art and fun. More cities, including Everett, should look to festivals like this and see what they can offer. Revere may have a beach, but every city and town has something it can offer the world.

Enjoy summer and be safe!

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