— Eye on Everett —

When There’s More of Them Than There are of us, you Lose.

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By Josh Resnek

The mayor has been at it for more than a decade.

He’s had a great run.

He’s designed his position like a master craftsman, boiling down his effort to never being in the office, never exerting himself, never showing a strong work ethic and by getting sloppy now and then.

He spends enormous amounts of time out of the country on extended vacations that the city pays for, that the voters pay for. Those extended vacations irk many hardworking Everett residents.

At this point in his career, he rules by instilling fear in those he employs.

City employees are intimidated by Kickback. What he has given them he can take away.

The Lord giveth. The Lord taketh away.

Such a system of governing is doomed over time.

Since he first took office he has thrown dozens of city employees under the bus.

He has been disloyal to people who supported him, who gave him money, who helped him along the way to the mayor’s office.

He’s made promises he never intended to keep.

He’s done backroom deals that are the stuff of legend.

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Dilboy Down, Nationals to Go

Ryan Pietrantonio (white trunks) is victorious at Dilboy Stadium. (Photos by Ana Jeleniewska)

By Lorenzo Recupero

Everett boxer Ryan Pietrantonio already cemented himself in Everett lore after punching his way to the New England Golden Gloves Championship earlier this year. Now, with his 12th victory coming by way of unanimous decision over Josh Raineri at the annual Fight Night at Dilboy event in Somerville this past weekend, he’s looking to spread word of his talents and knock down the competition at USA Boxing’s largest tournament of the year.

“I plan to pick up my training, do a lot more strength and conditioning and focus a little less on the skill part. I wanna be in super shape and strong [for nationals],” said Pietrantonio after getting the fight at Dilboy Stadium Saturday, his last before going to compete in USA Boxing’s National Tournament in October is n Ohio.

Until then, Pietrantonio says he’s got to ramp up the workload if he plans to come back home a national welterweight champion.

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School Committee Candidate Lindsey Deserves Apology From the City

It is incomprehensible that two of the city’s top lawyers have not yet apologized to David Lindsey, who is a candidate for the School Committee.

We reported last week that Lindsey was humiliated, berated and talked down to by two city lawyers in a way that made him believe his civil rights were being violated when he came to city hall to file a challenge of School Committeeman Bernie D’Onofrio’s signatures on his nomination papers.

Not only did the city lawyers not know what they were talking about when they confronted Lindsey, but they had the wrong final date for signatures to be challenged.

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Mayor Missing Mark with Diversity

The mayor believes he is remaking the city after his own fashion but he is leaving out diversity in his decision making when he makes his city hall workforce hires.

Statistics don’t lie and statistics reveal that Everett is all wrong racially with a dramatic absence of people of color and ethnicity working in leadership positions at city hall.

This despite the fact that the city is more than 50% non-white.

City hall not representing the population that lives here is not just a mistake in public policy but at this point it seems like something done by the mayor by design.

How can the mayor explain the disparity in numbers of people of color and ethnicity holding important positions as department heads at city hall?

He can’t and he won’t.

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Sticker Campaign for Ward 4 Seat Materializing; What to Do?

By Josh Resnek

Political circles in the city were buzzing with news of a possible or likely sticker campaign for the Ward 4 seat given up by Councilor Leo McKinnon.

For candidate Jimmy Tri Le, who was facing McKinnon, it was believed that McKinnon dropping out was a fait accompli for the newcomer to politics, meaning he would be elected just like that, like with the snap of a finger.

With no sticker candidate, Le simply votes for himself and gains a seat on the council.

However, this is Everett.

According to a number of the politically well connected, Dominic Puleo is allegedly planning a sticker run against Le.

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