The Twin Massacres

The slaughter of so many innocents by lunatic using automatic weapons and wearing body armor indicates something is very wrong in our nation.

Something must be done.
We are not certain exactly what that is, but something must be done. Doing something about the gun crisis and the massacre epidemic is

something a long time coming – and the weekend’s twin massacres will help the process along, we hope.

President Trump didn’t cause these twin massacres, both of which made no sense since the gunmen were killing randomly, without rhyme or reason.

What is needed is a rising up by Americans upset at the massacres – and this just doesn’t seem to be happening.

Until Americans confront our leadership, and violently, attacking senators and congressman who are so removed from reality they don’t know what it is, nothing is going to change.

Banning guns in a nation with 400 million people and 200 million weapons is an impossibility.

What is not an impossibility is doing something, anything, to change the course of history here.

Doing something is not the crime, said the ancient Greeks. Doing nothing is the crime.
How much longer are we as a nation going to do nothing?

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