Mrs. Gauthier Tossing hat into ring;Will apply for Superintendent’s Job

By Josh Resnek

Acting Superintendent of Schools Janet Gauthier is apparently set to place her name in nomination to become the next full time superintendent of schools in Everett, according to a number of School Department officials, all of whom wished to remain unnamed.

Mrs. Gauthier is the longest serving administrative employee in the Everett Public School System, with about 40 years of service.

She was named acting superintendent unanimously some months back when the former superintendent resigned.

During this time, she has steered the School Department on a true course without rancor or controversy.

Observers of the School Department all agree, “She’s done a great job.”

In recent days, Mrs. Gauthier is said to have reached out to a number of School Committee members indicating that she will be placing her name in the mix of superintendent hopefuls.

A superintendent search is now underway with candidates to be chosen from a list of them by the end September.

Public advertising for the position will begin at the end of August, according to officials conducting the search for the Everett School Department.

Mrs. Gauthier is the first Everett administrator to indicate that she is interested in the job.

Assistant Superintendent Charlie Obremski is apparently considering his options and will shortly announce whether or not he will seek the position.

Although the superintendent search effort is intended to find candidates from outside the city, candidates from inside the school administration may also be seriously considered.

Someone like Mrs. Gauthier would require no training, no learning curve and no admonitions about what she is supposed to do.

Obremski would fall into the same category.

The Leader Herald reached out unsuccessfully to Mrs. Gauthier for a comment.

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