Police Station air Conditioning System Fails; Officers Working in harsh Conditions

By Josh Resnek

Since July, the Everett police station has been functioning with an air conditioning system that does not work, creating working conditions that are, according to the police union, “intolerable.”

After Channel 25 News did a special report on the conditions inside the station, the mayor was forced to declare an emergency.

“ We have been uncomfortable,” said Police Chief Steve Mazzie. “We work in all different environments,” he added.

What he didn’t say is that there has been considerable grumbling about the work environment inside the station, which no longer has central air conditioning.

Employees are now relying on a number of air conditioning units that have been placed throughout the facility to act as an adjunct to the inoperable central air system.

The police union in a five page report detailing conditions inside the station revealed that “over the last couple of weeks, we have had some of our membership and civilian personnel become ill at work after being inn the building for an extended period of time.”

“I had several officers complaining about scratchy throats, some bloody noses, some respiratory issues, very concerning to us,” said Everett police detective Bobby Hall.

“As soon as the air conditioning failed, the mayor declared an emergency, and took immediate action,” said Kevin O’Donnell, chief of staff for the Everett Mayor’s office.

According to the mayor’s office, $250,000 was immediately put toward mitigating the lack of an operable air conditioning system.

City hall officials, Tom Philbin among them, and contractors have been seen talking among themselves in front of the police station on several occasions as the city tries to develop a scheme to bring the station up to code.

However there appears to be a consensus that the police station has outlived its usefulness.

“We are trying to come up with a permanent solution,” said a city official.

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