The Red Sox fade like the Summer

For those of you who follow baseball and the Red Sox, our team is fading away in front of our eyes like the summer.

We are not sure which is worse – the Red Sox going down – from champs last year to chumps – or the summer, finally arriving after gobs of rain in the spring, and now fading away before our eyes.

Together, it is what we would call a double-header!

We wait all year for the summer, and then it finally arrives, and slips past us with incredible speed.

Before we blink our eyes, it is back to school and the onset of fall.

We can’t find anyone who wants the summer to end – and yet we find many residents already talking about the fall.

The end of summer New England style is something unto itself. Enjoy each and every remaining day of August as if it was your last. And then look forward to the fall.

It is, after all, just around the corner.

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