Mayor Missing Mark with Diversity

The mayor believes he is remaking the city after his own fashion but he is leaving out diversity in his decision making when he makes his city hall workforce hires.

Statistics don’t lie and statistics reveal that Everett is all wrong racially with a dramatic absence of people of color and ethnicity working in leadership positions at city hall.

This despite the fact that the city is more than 50% non-white.

City hall not representing the population that lives here is not just a mistake in public policy but at this point it seems like something done by the mayor by design.

How can the mayor explain the disparity in numbers of people of color and ethnicity holding important positions as department heads at city hall?

He can’t and he won’t.

This is another instance of Kickback Carlo being out of step with diversity efforts being made in nearly all the communities around us. For instance, Somerville officials recently announced a new initiative to support diversity in the city’s business community.

The city is now putting together a Diversity Catalogue highlighting businesses providing good and services that are owned by underrepresented communities and serve as a marketing tool to help them sell their goods.

All of this is being done to aid the dozens of small businesses owned by minorities in Somerville.

Such a thing needs to be done here – but first the mayor has to have the will to serve the large minority constituencies that exist in this city. To date, the mayor has shown a tepid interest in leveling the playing field for minorities wishing to work for the city.

The mayor is also going to need to ramp up the city’s effort to meet the gender demands of women, the disabled, LB-GTQ people and on and on.

The lack of a mixed racial make-up of the city’s workforce is another black eye for the mayor and his administration.

The city’s population is changing dramatically.

The city’s workforce make-up needs to be a reflection of these changes.

One does not go without the other.

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