School Committee Candidate Lindsey Deserves Apology From the City

It is incomprehensible that two of the city’s top lawyers have not yet apologized to David Lindsey, who is a candidate for the School Committee.

We reported last week that Lindsey was humiliated, berated and talked down to by two city lawyers in a way that made him believe his civil rights were being violated when he came to city hall to file a challenge of School Committeeman Bernie D’Onofrio’s signatures on his nomination papers.

Not only did the city lawyers not know what they were talking about when they confronted Lindsey, but they had the wrong final date for signatures to be challenged.

This didn’t stop them from ridiculing Linsey and telling him he was late and that his challenge would not be allowed.

Their errors were highlighted by Lindsey’s challenge of D’Onofrio’s signatures at an Election Commission meeting last week.

A challenge that was allowed under the law. D’Onofrio, as a result of Lindsey’s challenge, has been removed from the ballot.

The city needs to apologize to Lindsey.

These two city lawyers behavior was so irresponsible as to require it. No apology to Lindsey will reveal the city’s animus for him, for who he is, for where he comes from, for what he is all about.

Lindsey indicated to the Leader Herald last week, if he didn’t know any better, he’d think the color of his skin had something to do with the reception he got at city hall.

Is there something to his belief?

We believe there is – and city employment statistics prove it.

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