Sticker Campaign for Ward 4 Seat Materializing; What to Do?

By Josh Resnek

Political circles in the city were buzzing with news of a possible or likely sticker campaign for the Ward 4 seat given up by Councilor Leo McKinnon.

For candidate Jimmy Tri Le, who was facing McKinnon, it was believed that McKinnon dropping out was a fait accompli for the newcomer to politics, meaning he would be elected just like that, like with the snap of a finger.

With no sticker candidate, Le simply votes for himself and gains a seat on the council.

However, this is Everett.

According to a number of the politically well connected, Dominic Puleo is allegedly planning a sticker run against Le.

Puleo is well known in the city.

He served on the Everett Housing Authority. He was formerly a Common Councilor in 2012.

He has also run unsuccessfully several times against the Everett state rep.

Puleo lives on Central Avenue in a home owned by the mayor.

What does he or anyone running a sticker campaign have to do to get himself elected?

He doesn’t have to file nomination papers.

He must train or instruct his supporters to place stickers in an appointed place on the ballot or two write his name in on the ballot in the appointed place.

A check with the local Election Commission Monday indicates Puleo has not yet notified the commission of his intention to run.

However, he is not required to.

Voters are required to write in the name of the sticker candidate and his or her address.

However, case law indicates that only the name written in will suffice for commissioners counting the votes.

Stickers can also be used but must be placed in the correct space in order to be counted.

Stickers cannot be distributed within 150 feet of the polling booth.

The sticker candidate must top the ticket in his race to be nominated and he or she must score more than 250 votes (the required number of signatures).

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