Mayor and City Must Learn how to Hire

One of the miracles of Encore Boston Harbor’s success is its workforce and how the workforce was hired.

Encore Boston Harbor deserves an award for hiring a multi-cultural, gender mixed, geographically correct workforce.

No Federal or State hiring laws were overlooked, all hiring was not left to chance or personal whim.

Hiring was done by the numbers, with a sense of filling quotas, in some cases, and in creating a workforce that included people from all walks of life and all races and colors.

The city needs to do the same.

In last week’s Leader Herald we revealed that the city hall workforce is woefully out of tune with the city’s multi-racial makeup at this point. Had Encore hired the way the city hires, the company would have been taken to court for committing civil rights violations.
It is to Encore’s credit that every effort was made to hire without racial or color lines, and gender or sexual preference conditions.

The protocol was to do the right thing and to do it by the book and to create a workforce that is a reflection of the customers the casino and hotel serves.

The city of Everett city hall workforce is a reflection of the old way of doing business.

The makeup of the workforce smacks of exclusion.

The mayor needs to meet the challenge of the modern city taking shape and form all around him.

He needs to start hiring minorities, and to do so as a matter of necessity, not as a matter of political correctness.

He says he loves all people – well then – he needs to show it by hiring all people.

You wouldn’t know the mayor loves all people by taking close look at the make-up of the city hall workforce.

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