We wish to thank everyone who reached out to our family with an incredible outpouring of friendship, kind words, and acts of charity following the death of our beloved father, husband, and grandfather, Fiorindo Antonelli.

We cannot express accurately with words how grateful we are for such a special outpouring of emotion and kindness from all of you who reached out to us during this difficult time.

It is during times like these that we all come to realize what community and love are all about, how our suffering is made easier to bear by the presence of friends and those who care.

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The Summer of 2019 Gone Just Like That

We wait all winter for the spring and then for the summer only to find that in 8 weeks, the summer has come and gone just like that, like with the snap of a finger.

The summer of 2019 flew by.

The major mark this summer in the life and times of the city was about the biggest event in the city’s history.

The opening of the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel is unequalled as a summer event in this city.

It was the summer of the coming of the casino and hotel.

It was the summer when a city within the city was created, when 5200 employees were hired, when millions in new revenues began pouring into the city treasury.

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Mayor and City Must Learn how to Hire

One of the miracles of Encore Boston Harbor’s success is its workforce and how the workforce was hired.

Encore Boston Harbor deserves an award for hiring a multi-cultural, gender mixed, geographically correct workforce.

No Federal or State hiring laws were overlooked, all hiring was not left to chance or personal whim.

Hiring was done by the numbers, with a sense of filling quotas, in some cases, and in creating a workforce that included people from all walks of life and all races and colors.

The city needs to do the same.

In last week’s Leader Herald we revealed that the city hall workforce is woefully out of tune with the city’s multi-racial makeup at this point. Had Encore hired the way the city hires, the company would have been taken to court for committing civil rights violations.
It is to Encore’s credit that every effort was made to hire without racial or color lines, and gender or sexual preference conditions.

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Thank you, Bernie

Bernie D’Onofrio’s career as a school committeeman is coming to an end in January.

For the past 8 years, D’Onofrio has been a respectable, strong voice on the school committee.

He has always taken an interest in the well-being of the school children of this city, and he was as well a calm and steady voice for the kids.

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The Kind of Snack Enhancing Health

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 5.41.47 PM.png
(Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

This kind of treat isn’t for everyone.

Meat eaters look at this treat and wonder how anyone eating it can stand to fork it into their mouths.

But let me tell you, this little plate of goodies is all about noshing on fabulously healthy and tasty vegetables – all of them from the Market Basket, two or three plates full of them not costing even $6.00.

You can eat tom of three plates of this stuff in an afternoon and not put on an ounce of weight.

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