Tide Make It two In a Row

The Crimson Tide vs Pioneer
Tyrese Baptiste (11) blows past St. Johns defenders in the Crimson Tide’s 32-27 win. (Photos by Keiko Hiromi)

By Lorenzo Recupero

SHREWSBURY – The Crimson Tide have once again found the recipe for their winning ways.

In taking down Central Mass. powerhouse Saint John’s (Shrewsbury), 32-27, Everett got its first win streak of the season started.

Knotted in a back-and-forth battle that went down- to-the-wire, the Tide (2-1) trailed multiple times in the fourth quarter but never once let up, scoring twice in the final six minutes of the game to emerge the victor.

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— Eye on Everett —

Putting All The Pieces Together

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

About three weeks ago, Councilor Anthony DiPierro, perhaps one of the city’s busiest and most effective enforcers for his cousin the mayor, set off on a new tangent to help Kickback.

As I have been told by someone quite close to the situation, cousin Anthony and Kickback had a discussion – a private discussion about how to sink Mike McLaughlin’s campaign against Alfred Lattanzi.

Lattanzi, who is not a member of Kickback’s family (but who might as well be), is in a heated race for the Ward 6 seat against McLaughlin. Kickback is behind Lattanzi. Lattanzi is behind Kickback. DiPierro is working for both of them.

DiPierro is an important part of their election hopes and their futures, not to mention doing their business to insure his own future.

DiPierro and Kickback met and decided to throw a curve at McLaughlin.

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Parking and new Development

In a rare bit of city government not witnessed here before, a question about a mixed use residential and commercial project on Broadway travelled from the Zoning Board of Appeals to the city council Monday night for a vote.

The city council approved the measure. Only Councilor Steven Simonelli voted against it.

It allows a local developer to build 18 residential units and to have a café or coffee shop on the first floor.

This came after 20 months of contentious debate regarding parking. The developer is building the project without parking.

Many councilors find the project without parking incomprehensible – just as they find the modern Everett growing up all around us as something they never imagined happening.

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The Need for Connectivity

A T-Mobile representative came to city hall Monday night to ask the city council to approve a request for ten small cell antennas.

This ten was the first installment of a total of 31 being asked for.

The council balked at ten and almost collapsed at the thought of 31, sending the request to committee and starting off a wide circle of questions and doubts about whether or not these proposed cell antennas are harmful to the health of residents, and whether or not they are needed, much less wanted.

T-Mobile is attempting to improve its wireless network to make communications more seamless and quicker, which are the demands of the residents of this city as well as those who come into this city everyday to use their cell-phones and electronic devices.

One councilor asked how many T-Mobile customers there are in Everett.

Another councilor wondered where the need for modern technology stops as if to say: enough antenna are enough.

The questions are ludicrous, especially if Everett wishes to maintain an informed population and a huge workforce that comes into the city everyday expecting electronic connectivity with their cell phones.

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