Labor Day Marks Beginning of Greater Political Efforts

Labor Day for the city’s politicians and candidates is like the moment the horses come out of the gate for the big race.

From here on in it is really no holds barred for those wishing to get themselves re-elected for the umpteenth time or for the first time.

It is amazing how quickly September 23 will be here for the city council at large primary.

It is yet again even more amazing how fast the November finale will be upon us.

It appears there is more energy this year than in elections past among all those wishing to get elected.

The sign wars are over the top.

We do not believe we have ever seen more signs in a recent municipal election.

Now comes the greater effort to connect with the voters. To identify the voters.

To bring out the voters.

All of this takes organization and zeal.

It takes some money and a great deal of desire. Labor Day is the line in the sand.

Everything from here on in is important. Everyday is not to be wasted if you want to win.

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