Puleo running sticker Campaign in Ward 4

By Josh Resnek

As reported in the Leader Herald several weeks ago, Dominic Puleo is running a sticker campaign for the Ward 4 seat being given up by Councilor Leo McKinnon.

Puleo made it official with his announcement in the Independent last week.

Puleo, 50, served a term as a city councilor in the early 2000’s. He is presently chair of the Everett Housing Authority.

Running a sticker campaign is complicated by comparison to having one’s name on the ballot.

It is believed Puleo is running at the request of the mayor.

He rents a unit from the mayor in his house on Central Avenue.

He will be facing Jimmy Le, a real estate broker first time out council hopeful.

Le’s name is on the ballot, Le having gathered the right number of certified signatures.

Puleo must organize nearly his entire vote citywide, that is, voters bearing a sticker or writing in his name on the ballot in the proper place, must do so exactly for his votes to be tallied.

His campaign is being backed by the mayor and his forces. Puleo has four children.

He has worked in the software business for several decades.

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