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Primary Day Expected to Produce Very Light Vote

By Josh Resnek

Tuesday’s primary election for the at-large race will produce a lighter than usual vote, according to city hall officials.

Without a mayoral election powering the primary, many voters will be inclined to stay away from the polls.

One city hall official predicted 2200 as the total citywide vote when all is said and done Tuesday.

“Anyone scoring 800 votes or near to that is a sure winner,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky.

Matewsky predicted those with a vote total as low as 400 would make the cut-off in the at-large race.

The at-large race is a citywide vote.

The top ten out of eleven finishers will make the ballot for the November finale.

One of the eleven present candidates will be eliminated by the primary Tuesday.

There are great expectations for several candidates in the at-large race.

Candidate Gerly Adrien is expected to be a finisher, and very likely a top tier finisher.

Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky is expected to score well in the exceptionally light expected turnout.

With his high name recognition, a larger Matewsky vote can almost be depended on.

So to for At-Large Councilors Mike Marchese and John Hanlon.

Councilors Stephen Simonelli, Richard DellIsola and Peter Napolitano are largely considered certain to gain a position for the final.

Who will be knocked out?

Reneee Solano, a first time candidate, does not have the name recognition of the others.

This puts her at a disadvantage.

Catherine Hicks, for instance, is expected to make the cut. She is very well known citywide.

Joseph Lamonica might make the cut as well. He too is well known.

And James LaVecchio, also well known, may do the same.


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