The Parlin Library

One of the mayor’s lawyers is now running the Parlin Library. Assistant City Solicitor Matt Lattanzi recently held a public meeting noting all the legal changes he has made so the library will fall under the laws of the land perfectly.

The mayor has a mania for the library to run his way or no way. The mayor’s bottom line is to run the library as another city department rather than having a chief librarian who knows what he or she is doing to meet the protocol for running a public library in a city like ours.

Attorney Lattanzi is perfect as the mayor’s messenger. Running the library as another city department allows the may- or to hire more employees, or in the case of the library, another convicted felon to carry on library business here.

As for a lawyer running the library…well…I’d prefer a qualified librarian or two or the retention of the kind of board of directors that ran the library quite nicely for the past 20 years.

Attorney Lattanzi has changed everything around.

Like a young, good soldier looking for advancement, he does whatever he’s told vigorously.

In that spirit, if he can spare a moment to get away from han- dling the legalities of running the library, I’d suggest to him that he find someone to update the library’s home website.

It hasn’t been updated since June.


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