Encore Jobs Availability Down to 100 Jobs

By Josh Resnek

What began with a dream to employ about 5,200 men and women at the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel is now down to 100 jobs available, according to the company’s online job listing site.

A wide variety of top paying positions as well as lesser positions need to be filled.

A viewing of the jobsite reveals that the positions range from management, to cleaning, to bartending, to hvac expert, to surveillance and security, to drink serving, to needing to hire a sommelier.

A sommelier, for the uninitiated, is an expert in fine wines.

All the remaining available positions are open to a preferred grouping of potential employees from Everett and the surrounding casino and hotel communities, although jobs are offered to those who are qualified if quotas from the surrounding cities and towns cannot be filled.

This is in keeping with the company’s corporate promise and its requirement set by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to hire locally.

A perusal of the jobs site reveals all kinds of job possibilities related to the running and the management of the casino and hotel.

For instance, there are a number of cocktail server positions, requests for electricians, for a facilities clerk, a Red Card Manager, warehouse supervisor, and a part time front desk representative, card dealers, a manager of social media, food servers, brand marketing specialists, hosts, and a manager for public relations.

Most of the positions offer salaries and benefits for the fulltime employees.

Fulltime positions and even some part time positions provide salaries ranging from $27,000 – $75,000, according to some of the specifications listed on the jobs online platform.

In todays tight labor market, jobs remaining available – 100 – of them, is not an unusual occurrence.

The national and local job market has been performing at almost full employment for the past year.

Local companies in the area and throughout the region are now struggling to meet employment quotas.

Search Encore Jobs Available on Google and check out what’s available.

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