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Putting All The Pieces Together

By Josh Resnek

About three weeks ago, Councilor Anthony DiPierro, perhaps one of the city’s busiest and most effective enforcers for his cousin the mayor, set off on a new tangent to help Kickback.

As I have been told by someone quite close to the situation, cousin Anthony and Kickback had a discussion – a private discussion about how to sink Mike McLaughlin’s campaign against Alfred Lattanzi.

Lattanzi, who is not a member of Kickback’s family (but who might as well be), is in a heated race for the Ward 6 seat against McLaughlin. Kickback is behind Lattanzi. Lattanzi is behind Kickback. DiPierro is working for both of them.

DiPierro is an important part of their election hopes and their futures, not to mention doing their business to insure his own future.

DiPierro and Kickback met and decided to throw a curve at McLaughlin.

“They must be plotting with one another to destroy me and you and Al,” Kickback told DiPierro during a private conversation, the equivalent of a think tank between like minded Everett folks intending on perpetuating their style of local rule.

“Yeah. Ahhh. File a FOIA to make McLaughlin hand over his e-mails to us. That’ll show he and Resnek are in bed together,” Kickback told his cousin and trusted Lt., DiPierro.

“That’ll rattle their cages!” Kickback predicted.

DiPierro thought this was a perfect salient that kills two pieces of foul with one stone – Resnek and McLaughlin.

DiPierro and Kickback went a bit further and added a few more names to the FOIA wish list, names that will not be revealed in this column for it would far too embarrassing to everyone concerned, except for me and McLaughlin.

I am told that one of those named by Kickback and DiPierro to have his e-mails investigated went ballistic when he learned his name was in the mix offered up by Kickback and DiPierro.

He apparently told DiPierro in no uncertain and very angry terms to ditch the request for his e-mails or all hell would shortly break loose.

Which brings to mind the level of effrontery DiPierro and Kickback are capable of in their desire to win for their guy Lattanzi at all costs. It also shows how foolish and shortsighted Lattanzi can be doing

Kickback’s dirty work for him, which includes the run for councilor and quite often serving as the mayor’s personal dog walker when the mayor is away – which is almost a fulltime job considering how often the mayor leaves the country for his various jaunts to Aruba and Italy and everywhere else he goes.

If McLaughlin is serious about winning this election over Lattanzi, which means he not only beats Lattanzi, but he beats Kickback and DiPierro, then he needs to do the following.

He must find out how much business Lattanzi’s hardware store did with the city last year.

Was it $100,00, $200,000, $300,000, $400,000 or more?

McLaughlin needs to get a printout of what the city pays Lattanzi for a hammer, a corn broom, a pound of nails, a pane of glass, or for a five pound container of gunk.

Not only does McLaughlin need to know, but taxpayers need to know.

Taxpayers also need to know exactly what the city has paid Lattanzi’s hardware business during the past five years.

In addition, taxpayers need to know and McLaughlin needs to add up the totals, what Lattanzi’s wife is paid to work for the mayor. I am told it is something like $130,000 a year. What his laywer son is earning from the city. I understand that total is $81,000 and then there are all the campaign financials, checks made out to Mrs. Lattanzi, who keeps the books for Kickback, to find out what those reimbursements are for.

The total of all those disbursements totaled up and wages, et cetera and business done at Lattanzi;s hardware store, will reveal an enormous amount of taxpayer money ending up in Lattanzi’s pocket.

There is nothing illegal about this, except maybe for exorbitant prices being charged the city for various purchases, if in fact this is the case.

McLaughlin has the power to paralyze the Lattanzi effort to get himself elected, unless the voters of this city reveal they want another dictator like Kickback and his cohort DiPierro and none of the above matters at all.

I think it does matter. I believe this should all be looked into by McLaughlin, if he wants to win.

McLaughlin will not win being a nice guy or trying to maintain his self respect while facing the likes of Kickback, Kickback’s candidate and dog walker Lattanzi and his very busy relative, DiPierro.

Back to the search for the alleged McLaughlin-Resnek e-mails showing the collusion between the Leader Herald and McLaughlin to sink Lattanzi and the mayor and God knows who else according to Kickback.

Bottom line.

There are no e-mails between me and McLaughlin, no smoking gun, no terrible comments about the mayor or plots to unseat him and to ruin Mr. Lattanzi.

Can you imagine their disappointment when they found this out? I can.

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