Seeking a Healthy Start to the Day

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By Josh Resnek

I have lately changed my diet, as many of us tend to do as we pass through out lives.

I’ve looked over many possibilities.

I still eat eggs without frying them in butter.

I use a dab of oil.

No more bacon or ham…simply too much sodium and sodium is a killer.

Sugar is almost as bad. What to do?

According to my sister, who is an expert at this stuff, oat bran with raisins with a handful of fresh blueberries on top in the morning is a good start.

A cup of 1% milk poured onto the mix tops off the treat.

For me, this has become an incredible treat.

I love raisins. I love the crispy oat bran and I absolutely love blueberries if they are firm and sweet.

A spoonful of all that health swirling around in- side your mouth in the early morning is eating the right way.

But wait a minute.

My sister claims the raisins are too sweet – too much natural sugar, and that the bran can often have too much sugar and or sodium or both. So you have to be careful which bran you buy. Look at the box. 10% sodium won’t kill anyone and a lesser amount of sugar is what the doctor would order.

You can eat all the blueberries you want.

The blueberries are indisputably good for your heart.

In fact, keep a bunch of blueberries around and eat them whenever you need a snack. 

It is like eating good health.


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