What to Make of the Primary?

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Councilor Wayne Matewsky pays close attention to a vote chart in his back yard before all the returns had been reported. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Last week’s primary did not draw a large vote. It didn’t draw even a modest vote.

It was basically a no vote.

Only a tiny fraction of the city’s voters came out to vote for 11 councilor at large candidates.

When all was said and done, 10 candidates remained, the top six except for Gerly Adrien were all incumbents, indicating, it is believed, things to come in the November finale.

Wayne Matewsky was the top vote-getter in the Everett primary with 1013 votes.

After more than 30 years in public service here Matewsky remains a top vote-getter because he pays attention to details, understands the demographic and more importantly, understands and draws from his own demographic.

No one in public office in the city at this point (other than the mayor) is more adept at reaching their average Everett voter than Matewsky.

He topped the ticket because he worked the smartest and the hardest.

Matewsky works every day at the political thing here without a cell- phone or a computer.

He writes personal thank you notes and mails them to supporters and friends.

He hangs his own signs throughout the city.
He runs his own campaign.
He has a coterie of friends and neighbors who are devoted to him

which was revealed on primary eve when about 45 supporters crowded into his Louis Street home and his backyard to watch the returns coming in.

They all cheered for their man when he topped the ticket.

“I will work hard until election day and on election day,” he told the Leader Herald.

Look for Matewsky to quite likely lead the pack in November. John Hanlon finished second.
Hanlon remains remarkably popular and durable after one of the

longest careers in public service and politics in the city’s history. City hall is Hanlon’s life force.

He loves it. He, too, pays close attention to his supporters and friends. He, too, will finish strong in the finale.

“I take this as seriously today as I have all my life. I love serving the people of Everett,” he said.

Third place went to Councilor at Large President of the Council Richard DellIsola.
By some accounts among those who claim to know, DellIsola did better than expected.

“I worked hard and the hard work showed,” he said.

His third place finish , even in the light vote, remains a third place finish – nothing to scoff at, and a likely precursor of better things to come in the election.

Councilor at Large Mike Marchese said he was pleased with his vote and his fourth place finish.

“I am extremely grateful to my friends and supporters – to everyone who believes in me and who gave me a vote,” he told the Leader Herald. Marchese said he is pledging to work hard into the election and then to expand his role as a strong voice on the council.

The fifth place finisher, Gerly Adrien, was the most pleased of them all. “It is so pleasing to be reaching in a positive way so many voters in this city who have come to know me throughout the city in all of the wards,” said Adrien.

Her citywide vote count will be the crucial test of her rising political power in the final in November.

Her potential to win a place on the at-large council is considered very strong if she works hard until the election.

That potential elevation to the council at large could be put off by Councilor at Large Peter Napolitano.

He finished sixth, and within close range, only 23 votes shy of tying Adrien.

“I will be working very hard to bring out my vote throughout the city,” he told the Leader Herald.

“The primary didn’t tell the whole story,” he added.

Napolitano said he was going to pick up his pace for the election. This top tier group has it over the other finishers – Kate Hicks, Councilor Peter Simonelli, Renee Solano and Joe Lamonica. Longtime political observers all agree, it is anyone’s guess how the ultimate finish in November will play out.

Nothing is guaranteed or assured until all the votes have been counted.

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