City Treasurer Forced to Retire; Mayor Asks for Resignation

By Josh Resnek

Dominico D’Angelo, the longtime Everett City Treasurer, has left his position, cleaning out his office at the end of the business day Monday after apparently being told by the mayor earlier in the day to retire or to be fired.

Efforts to reach D’Angelo for a comment were unsuccessful.

As treasurer and collector, D’Angelo oversaw a large department by city hall standards, with multiple clerks and manifold duties, the most important of which.

These included accepting all tax payments from property owners both commercial and residential as well as fees of every kind and all the revenues generated by the city’s energetic parking ticket operation.

D’Angelo’s firing or his retirement, however one wishes to measure the mayor’s action, is believed to have been prompted by and pushed for by Eric Demas, the city’s chief operating officer.

Demas, city hall watchers recalled yesterday, was principally involved in the similar disappearance from his job of former assistant city treasurer Scott Porter.

Porter, another longtime city treasury employee was fired last January after a private early morning meeting with Demas inside his office.

Porter like D’Angelo, was apparently told to leave or to be fired by the mayor.

He left the office immediately and did not return. Bottom line, the mayor didn’t like Porter.

The mayor didn’t like D’Angelo.

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