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City Treasurer Victim of Mayor’s Vulgarity

When you’ve worked faithfully for the city of Everett for 20 years and you’ve come to the end of your run, you should have some positive leverage on how the separation from your life’s work is spinned at city hall.

The mayor offered no such opportunity for dignity in the workplace when he demanded that City Treasurer Dominico D’Angelo do one of two things – retire or be fired.

D’Angelo took the path of least resistance Monday when he cleaned out his desk and was gone from his office in a matter of minutes thus ending his city hall career

What the mayor might have done for D’Angelo, as he might have done for a host of others who have come and gone under his administrations at city hall, is to give them two weeks to put their business in order, to allow them to tell their families and colleagues whom they live and work with about the change that is coming and finish off long term careers with class that is absent of the mayor’s soulless style of dictatorial rule.

Many of us, including those who D’Angelo worked side by side with are left to wonder – what exactly did he do wrong to be tossed from his job the way the city hall janitor empties waste baskets?

The mayor has the right and the duty to hire and to fire certain of his chief employees at the city hall.

By this time in his career, he should have developed some style and class about how he does it instead of giving Draconian orders for summary executions such as D’Angelo’s.

The mayor only knows how to show who the boss is.

It is rather pathetic that after all these years he is becoming like an old dog that cannot learn or be taught new tricks.

The mayor and his closest high ranking associates probably all said to one another: “That’ll show him. Good job, Mr. Mayor on getting rid of D’Angelo.”

Again, the mayor showed the depths of his ingratitude D’Angelo as well as his utterly classless form of operation when it comes to making changes.

Does he not realize he can do better than this?

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