Pope John Property as Veterans and Elderly Housing?

On its face, this is a good idea by the city to add to our stock of elderly and veterans housing units while at the same time giving a new use to what had been a Catholic School with a long history.

Far better would be to attract private capital to rehab the place into a gleaming new residential property that offers mixed rent housing based on income so that taxes are paid and the property does not become a liability to the city.

The location of the former Pope John property is ideal for a mixed use type of development without overrunning the neighborhood with dense development and added traffic.

Yet the need for elderly and veterans housing is enormous, so enormous that no number of units will satiate the need for all the units that necessary.

Also, the Boston Archidocese must be compelled to literally give away the Pope John property so this development becomes an act of kindness to those elderly and veterans who need housing can be accomplished.

It was a shame to see Pope John close after a half century run. Let’s bring the property back to life.

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