Two Fatal Accidents on Broadway in Ten Days, Three Deaths in Three Weeks

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Broadway (above) has been the scene of multiple accidents recently.  (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Josh Resnek

Two tragedies on Broadway during the past two weeks have caused the accidental deaths of a pedestrian who stepped in front of a flat bed truck and was run over and the death of a motorcyclist who was struck from behind and killed last Wednesday.

Both accidents occurred in close proximity to one another, on a very busy stretch of Broadway between McKinnon’s and the Dunkin Donuts. A third pedestrian was struck by a car here and died on Route 16 three weeks ago near the intersection of Vine Street.

This brings the total of major accidents causing deaths to three during the past three weeks.

The most recent accident was apparently caused by a hit and run driver near to Broadway and Hancock Street.

A car crashed into the motorcycle from the rear. The driver of the car allegedly left the scene.

Police have not yet identified the driver of the car or the accident victim, who apparently died at the scene.

An investigation is ongoing.

The pedestrian who stepped in front of a flat bed truck was run over during the early hours of the morning two weeks ago.

The victim was apparently a homeless man who did not see the truck when he stepped in front of it.

The driver of the truck waited for police and rescue responders. He was not charged by police.

An incident three weeks ago claimed the life of a man who was hit by car as he tried to cross Route 16 against the red light.

The driver of that car attempted to stop but it was too late.

He remained at the scene until police arrived.

The man, who was crossing with a woman companion, died at the Whidden Hospital.

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