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By Josh Resnek

To my knowledge, there are no Kurds living in Everett.

Kurds as nearly everyone must know by now, were just deserted by the United States over in Syria where the liberal press would have you believe the world is coming to an end because we deserted them.

Fact of the matter is that every president since Franklin Roosevelt has deserted the Kurds or used them or deserted them after using them.

It is the Turks the world always supports.

It is the Turks, who slaughtered the Armenians, millions of them, who the world cowers in front of, always.

The Turks don’t like the Kurds because the Kurds live in an autonomous region just to the South of the Turkish border.

The Turks claim the Kurds are terrorists.

The Kurds claim the Turks want to do a good old fashioned Turkish genocide on them.

They are probably right about this.

The world, not just the United States, has deserted the Kurds, again and again.

No one wants to give these decent people their own nation because Turkey won’t stand for it.

If Turkey won’t stand for it, it can’t exist.

That’s it about us allegedly abandoning the Kurds. They’ve been abandoned and treated as second rate people unworthy of a nation for more than a half century.

The slaughter in the deserts of the Middle East continue.

All of the violence is pathetic proving solidly that man’s greatest

ambition on this earth it to exterminate himself, usually over his religion. What a waste.

The Boston Globe Reports Everett is Better than OK

There was a wonderful, typical Boston Sunday Globe piece over the weekend postulating about the conditions of immigrant people and the working poor and how a handful of communities in the Greater Boston area offer more opportunity and a safer environment and better public schools than nearly all the others that are similar.

Guess what, Everett and Chelsea were two of those communities. Revere and Malden were the other two.

The piece, titled “Miracle on the Mystic” pointed to the fact that a handful of scrappy blue collar towns north of Boston are reinventing the American Dream.

In this case the Globe writer David Scharfenberg, knows of what he writes.

He interviewed one woman who lived in East Boston with her children for many years but who didn’t sense any hope for her American Dream to come true until she got out of Eastie with her child and moved to Everett.

She and her daughter said their lives changed dramatically when they moved to Everett.

It was like finding a safe harbor in the storm as they are El Salvadoran and were worried everyday about MS-13 intrusion into their lives with violence.

Her family moved to Everett in 2002 and she said she could feel the difference right away.

No one was pulling her hair or punching her in the gut. And she no longer had to think about which route she had to walk to be safe. To go to soccer practice or who might menace her from the sidelines when she arrived.

It wasn’t just freedom from fear, though.

There was something else. The basic fabric of her new neighborhood felt different than what she was accustomed to.

We all know what this means.

It means the police don’t tolerate public hate and violence. Everyone gets a shot at a decent life in Everett.

The city supports its residents.

It delivers safety and tolerance.

It attacks the hate and the evil.The schools, the city’s pride, provide an excellent foundation from which to grow and to ultimately prosper. And there is the feeling of community and pride, and clean streets and nice parks, and a flourishing and rich life shared by people from many walks of life from all over the world.

How’s that for a compliment about our city?

The Crimson Tide

It has been a rather dramatic turnaround from a first game loss for the Crimson Tide.

The high school football team is on an exotic roll, especially after clubbing Malden with a huge win last week.

They are now ranked fifth or sixth in the state and the likelihood is that the Crimson Tide steamroller is going to continue rolling over its opponents and that the year is already a good one and might well finish up a great one.

Superintendent Choice Makers

We have received several calls from people who claim to know that one of the honchos leading the School Superintendent replacement choice, who is always claiming the city needs to start fresh without influence being used, has at least 6 members of his family working for the school department – maybe 7 – according to one of those we spoke with.

Which brings to mind just how many people in this city have a real conflict of interest when it comes to making decisions they claim requires a clear head and mind.

There is an influential political guy running for re-election right now who has 7 family members working for the city. Another has 3 and there are more than a number with 4 or 5.

The nepotism here is something to marvel at, especially when those politicians with the most family members working for the city talk about the sanctity and fairness of a choice process that should be apolitical.

Can you imagine? Of course you can. This is Everett.

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