Shooting on Partridge Leaves One Dead, Police Searching for Two Suspects

Everett Police search and around Partridge Terrace during last weeks shooting. (Photos by Joseph Prezioso)

By Lorenzo Recupero

On October 8, just before 9PM, multiple gunshots rang out on Partridge Terrace leaving one man dead from gunshot wounds and two suspects still on the loose.

The victim, identified as 26-year-old Robert Hinckley, was shot multiple times and received CPR on the scene but later succumbed to his wounds at the Cambridge Health Alliance Hospital.

Hinckley, who moved recently from Chelsea, leaves behind a wife and 6-year-old daughter.

Everett Police have yet to provide any official statement as far as a motive for the shooting, but the investigation is still ongoing as authorities look to apprehend two suspects that were caught on area surveillance footage fleeing from the crime scene.

Partridge Terrace is one of the more quite neighborhoods in the city, but last Tuesday wasn’t like any other night and residents in the area were shocked by the tragedy.

“Very nice, quiet little Everett neighborhood. You go from dead quiet to this. I don’t know. It’s a shock,” said nearby resident Molly Cahill. Police remained on scene until the early morning hours scouring the area with flashlights and canines while gathering information from nearby residents, a scene that left some residents rattled.


Everett Residents had to navigate around the crime scene following the shooting. 

“I’m scared,” said Danka Khanal, another nearby resident. “This has never happened before. I hope to God it never happens again,” she said. The murder, just blocks away from the Everett Senior Center and the Everett football stadium, happened on a Tuesday night when foot traffic in the area was low, but as one resident noted, it could have been a Friday when young adults and teens are still roaming the area.

“What if this happened on a Friday night after a football game at the stadium?,” Said a nearby resident, who asked to remain unnamed, citing the dangers of violence spreading to areas of the city heavy with Everett’s youth.

Everett Police want the public to know the investigation is still a very active and ask that anyone with any information please contact the Everett Police Department at (617)-389-2120.

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