Down, But Not Out

By Lorenzo Recupero

Earlier this month Everett’s golden boy, Ryan Pietrantonio, vying for a spot in USA Olympic trials, stepped back Into the ring representing New England in the USA Boxing National Tournament, but things did not finish how he expected.

After taking down his first opponent in the opening round, Pietrantonio was up against the tourneys number 1 seed, Lavars Carter of Ohio. Carter dropped Pietrantonio in the first round after connecting on what looked like an illegal shot to the back of the head, which lead to the refs stoppage of the fight, all but clipping Pietrantonio’s chances of winning the single-elimination tournament.

“I thought, after getting knocked down, that I had at least 8 seconds to get back to my corner before addressing the ref, and by the time I had turned around he had already called the fight off,” said a dejected Pietrantonio, who felt the refs stoppage was too soon and unjust.

“I guess I just didn’t do the right thing. I had never been knocked down or put on the canvas before in my entire career,” said Pietrantonio. “I was just disappointed [with the refs decision] I was totally fine and could have continued to fight, I just didn’t follow the proper procedure,” he said.

The defeat drops his overall record to 14-2, but the harder hit comes by way of a medical suspension that Pietrantonio is forced to adhere to for the next month, a protocol put in place for fighters that our defeated by either ref stoppage or knockout.

With time now to contemplate his next move, Pietrantonio isn’t planning on staying out of the ring any longer than he has to.

“Losing in the tournament hasn’t caused me to waiver,” said Pietrantonio. “If anything, that fight has added some fire under me,” he said.

“I had a really good chance of winning the whole thing and becoming a national champion. The defeat boosted my respect for the game, and definitely made me more hungry,” he said.

Pietrantonio vowed to continue training and will see the ring again soon. He plans to defend his New England Golden Gloves title in February 2020. Should he win at the Golden Gloves once again, he will be eligible for the National Golden Gloves Tournament and another shot at Olympic trials.

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