The new Superintendent

We have been told by those who claim to know that the new school superintendent choice, whomever it will be when chosen within the next several months, will not be someone presently serving as a school superintendent.

In other words, the choice is likely to be an assistant superintendent or a principal certified to be a superintendent.

We continue to believe that the superintendent search process is skewered by the rampant belief in weak assertions by search committee leadership members who ought to know better that the choice must somehow be absent of local administrators qualified to be superintendent and by superintendents themselves in order to be a fair process.

The process appears exclusionary at many levels.

The head of the exclusionary search committee should know better than to preach morality and high ethics about making just the right choice when so many of his family members are serving in positions with the public schools.

We trust and hope the search committee will make a great choice. There remains a slight chance this could happen.

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