Adrien councilor at large campaign peaking at just the right Time

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Council candidate Adrien Gerly (Left) in Everett Sunday shown with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley.

By Josh Resnek

Gerly Adrien’s councilor at large campaign received a major boost Sunday afternoon when Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley came to Everett and endorsed her.

Pressley represents Everett.

Adrien packed the Kryol Restaurant on one of the worst days of the year.

With heavy rain and high winds whipping up a nasty storm outside, Adrien threw a campaign party attended by about 120 people undaunted by the weather, nearly all of them from Everett.

Pressley, 45, one of the most outspoken liberal members of Congress, arrived at the restaurant with a congressional aid about 3 p.m.

Adrien introduced her to the crowd who gave her a rousing welcome.

Pressley delivered a five minute stump speech without notes covering nearly all the bases being discussed this election season by the Democrats.

She decried inequality, both economic and racial, and she shouted down injustice of every kind that is heaped upon women and minorities.

She told everyone she is a woman of faith.

“When you have faith like I do, you have to do more than pray. You have to move your legs. You have to move about,” she said.

Pressley introduced Adrien, announcing that she is exactly the type of candidate revolutionizing local politics – and that politics in Everett needed more to represent the people who are forgotten which is a theme of Adrien’s campaign.

“Gerly Adrien is exactly what Everett needs representing the people of this city,” she said. “I am proud to support her. Congressman very rarely support local candidates or make visits like these or endorsements. I am proud to do this for Gerly,” she added.

Adrien made short remarks, which included a story relating how she has wanted to run for public office here since she was a young woman coming of age.

“I was ten years old when I realized I wanted to serve and to run for office, which is exactly what I am doing.”

The crowd roared.

Her brief remarks charged up the crowd, made up mainly of families and leaders from the city’s substantial Haitian community.

Councilor at Large Mike McLaughlin attended the affair.

He was the only member of the Everett city government to attend. Creole treats were served to the crowd.

The campaign event ended about 4 p.m.

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