Angelo Colarusso

According to his family, Angelo Colarusso, who lived in this city all his life on Wolcott Street, was a quiet, honest, humble, loyal man to his family, to his friends, to his relatives and to the St. Anthony’s Church, which he honored during a long life of service to it.

Mr. Colarusso, who was born in Dentecane, Avillino Campania, Italy in 1940, died Saturday at his home after being cared for for a decade by his son Sandro, his daughter Josephine and his loving wife Ersilia, whom he shared 50 years of marriage with.

Sandro Colarusso, who we know, said of his father that he was a simple man who worked hard, who was all about his family.

He loved European soccer. He coached local soccer. He worked a lifetime as an auto mechanic at the family garage in Lynn.

His death at 79 marks a sad moment for his family and for those who loved him and who knew him and who respected him.

For Mr. Colarusso, Everett was a great place and he was always proud to be from this city.

We mourn his passing. We wish his family condolences. He was a very good man.

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