Congresswoman Pressley endorses Gerly Adrien

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley’s fiery speech in front of a large and boisterous crowd of supporters at the Kryol Restaurant on Main Street for Councilor at Large candidate Gerly Adrien Sunday afternoon ranks as one of the most memorable speeches ever delivered by a politician in this city’s history, bar none.

It is memorable because the congresswoman spits fire. She speaks extemporaneously in front of a crowd with extraordinary power and verve, almost shouting out her beliefs in clear, concise, unequivocal terms.

She spoke about endemic racial, social, economic and intellectual inequality here in Everett and throughout the sprawling district she represents, which was once represented by John F. Kennedy when he was starting out.

She denounced xenophobia and misogyny, that is, she denounced prejudice against people from other countries and ingrained prejudice against women respectively in Everett and wherever else it exists – and it exists everywhere – during a robust, over the top endorsement campaign stop for Adrien.

It is easy to see how Congresswoman Pressley’s strong faith and presence of mind, and her ability to articulate herself boldly led to her stunning election to the Congress in 2018.

Her endorsement of Adrien is a significant moment for the young and aspiring local politician seeking to enter the realm of the nearly all male, all white political scene at Everett City Hall on the city council.

Pressley’s endorsement of Adrien could push her over the top in her bid to get elected.

We note the strong endorsement of what she stands for coming from our congresswoman, Ayanna Pressley.

We wish Adrien the best of luck – and we thank the congresswoman for coming to Everett to have her say, and to endorse a local politician on the rise.

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